BOY-LE-MONTI Saturday, Feb 12th, 2011


Saturday Febuary 12th 2011 EVERSHOT Village Hall
Doors open 8.00pm BAR Tickets on the door

Boy le Monti are a 5 piece band from North Dorset, England, with a distinctive take on early 1960’s Jamaican Ska & Rocksteady. With their infectious, brass drenched sound suffused with sweet vocal harmonies, the irresistible grooves not only lift the spirits but also your dancing feet.

Playing venues as diverse as Gaz Mayalls St Moritz club Soho, The Hootenanny Brixton, pubs, clubs & parties through to the odd farm, stately home & castle, Boy le Monti have also played festivals including The Larmer Tree, Glastonbury, Party in the Park, The Bristol Festival, Vale Earth Fair, The Festival of Bryan& Earthwise.

Along the way the band have supported The Beat, Skaville UK & The Destroyers. Their well received debut album was released in 2007.


Hannah-Lou and Trevor Moss TIN TABERNACLE TOUR Sunday, 16th Nov, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou’s Tin Tabernacle Tour.

Sunday 16th January 2011 EVERSHOT Village Hall
Doors open 7.00pm BAR £5.00 on door
With special guests: Pete Greenwood, Pepe Belmonte.

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Hannah-Lou and Trevor Moss will continue their rich heritage of classic English Folk Music when they visit their favourite village Hall in Evershot as part of their 2011 Tin Tabernacle Tour.

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou released their eponymous debut album on 15th February 2010 on Loose Music. Their follow-up album is due for release April/May 2011 on Heavenly Recordings.

£5, tickets on door or in advance



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